Seminar Speaker - Michael Thena

Michael Thena

Business are losing out on potential qualified employees.  I'll go into this and also why maintaining a strong presence online is important to your business.

Job un-employment rates are at one of the lowest points we've seen in years.  Companies are hiring, but not finding qualified candidates.  The one's companies "want" are already employed somewhere else.  Michael will be speaking about where companies are missing the boat with their website and recruitment.  Many companies are missing the opportunities because they've failed to do one very important thing....  

Not only has Michael been offering strategy and tactical marketing advice for those seeking to better themselves online, but he's spent over 8 years on the construction world selling and project managing commercial elevator installations for one of the top elevator companies in the world.


Michael Thena has been providing digital marketing strategies to area businesses for over 13 years.  Employed with WANE-TV, owned by Nexstar Media Group, the leading broadcast and multi-platform company in the US.  Michael's expertise has primarily focused on digital marketing and strategy selling for businesses.  His 20 years of website design knowledge and understanding of how to target recruitment online offers YOU the best information on how to "fix" the problems with your website that are partially causing your business to not look attractive to potential recruits.


Your primarily B2B construction - why do I even care about online marketing or visibility?

If you are a CEO, Owner or business manager for your construction company, you'll want to sit in on this seminar.