Seminar Speaker - TZ Drone Photography

Drones are fast improving the way we do business.  TZ Drone Photography is going to present to you information on just how Drone Video and Photography is helping the construction industry.

We are TZ Drone Photography LLC, a new drone company that is working hard to get the pictures and video that work for you!  Currently, we have two legal, FAA licensed pilots for drone operations and are fully insured to protect the customer.

Zac is a former Army unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) instructor/operator with experience in the United States as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, Zac has over 2,000 hours of professional flight experience! Being disciplined in Army training and combat flight, providing a superior product comes second nature for Zac!

Tom is a retired Indiana State Police officer with 27 years of experience photographing for accident reconstructions including vehicles, trains, planes, and semis. Along with the years of professional service to the community, Tom has kept up with current photo techniques by attending classes and putting them to use in the field. Tom is also a licensed private pilot and understands the nuances of operating in the National Airspace System.

Together Tom and Zac are a team that understands the nature of legal drone photography. It would be quite a feat to find another team that has the same experience, equipment, and dedication to operate just for you!


Here is just a very small sample of how drone photography can assist on the jobsite: